Table 1

Type and description of the variables collected in ART long-term cohort

Type of variableVariablesVisit
Basic demographicsSex, age, physical address and locator form address, phone contact, details and phone number of treatment supporterEnrolment
EpidemiologicalTribe, marital status, number of children, income, employment statusEnrolment
Clinical historyDate and result of HIV-positive result, date of enrolment into care, history opportunistic infections and non-communicable diseases, WHO staging, history of hospitalisation, smoking (yes/no) and alcohol consumption (yes/no).Enrolment
ART historyPrevious ART regimens, ART start and stop date, reason for drug substitution or switch, previous ART toxicity and adherence.Enrolment
Clinical informationPresent symptoms and duration (days), physical examinationEnrolment, follow-up
Concomitant medicationsCotrimoxazole, fluconazole, isoniazid prophylaxis, antibiotics, anti-malaria and anti-TB drugs, medications for diabetes, hypertension drugs, anti-inflammatory, contraceptives, chemotherapyEnrolment, follow-up
ARTART regimen, pill count, adherence (analogue visual scale, 7- and 3-day recall), reason for missed doses, toxicity, reasons for substitution or switchEnrolment, follow-up
Quality of lifeInterference of the disease or treatment with daily house and work activities, highest level of physical activities, mental status, overall well-beingEnrolment, follow-up
Sexual behaviourKnowledge about HIV transmission, number and type of partners in the past year, disclosure to partners, partners’ HIV sero-status, contraceptives use, sexually transmitted diseasesEnrolment, follow-up
OutcomesDate of discharge from the study and reason (death, transfer, loss to follow), verbal autopsyAt occurrence
  • ART, antiretroviral treatment; TB, tuberculosis.