Table 4

Crude and adjusted OR for ‘not being asked by a healthcare worker about abuse’ and associated factors adjusted for all included variables

OR Crude CI (95%)OR Adjusted CI (95%)
Ever abused
 Yes1.251.04 to 1.500.820.66 to 1.02
Women’s characteristics
 Age (years)
  16–30  years1.691.41 to 2.020.930.75 to 1.14
  31–44 years11
  Low3.833.18 to 4.611.981.58 to 2.47
  Housewife0.770.63 to 0.941.381.07 to 1.78
 Living area
  Tea plantation sector10.147.89 to to 12.80
  Capital district11
Other characteristics
 Family income
  Low (<30 000 SLR)1.811.48 to 2.220.900.70 to 1.16
  Middle and high11
  Far (<11 km)3.653.01 to 4.431.010.78 to 1.32
  • *Education—low (no schooling and primary-level school education only) and high (above primary-level school education).

  • †Distance from the residence to the nearest gender-based violence care centre.