Table 1

Characteristics of 123 trials rejected for registration deficiencies

Registration deficiency
 Registered in unapproved registry32.4
 Other (mistaken as unregistered)1<1
Funding source
 Single funder9577.2
Funding type*
 No funding54.1
Year submitted
 German CTR21.8
  • *Projects could have more than one source of funding, so numbers do not add to 123 and percentages do not sum to 100%.

  • AEARCTR, American Economic Association RCT Registry; ANZCTR, Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry; ChiCTR, Chinese Clinical Trial Registry;,; CTRI, Clinical Trials Registry—India; EudraCT, European Clinical Trials Database, approved registry only for trials registered after 20 June 2011; German CTR, German Clinical Trials Registry; ISRCTN, International Standard Randomised Controlled Trial Number Registry; NTR, Netherlands Trial Registry; PACTR, Pan African Clinical Trials Registry; UMIN, University Hospital Medical Information Network Clinical Trials Registry (Japan).