Table 2

A visual representation of how positively deviant and comparison wards, which were identified using routinely collected ST data, ranked on patient and staff perceptions of safety

RankRoutinely collected ST harm-free care (phase 1)Patient and staff perceptions of safety (phase 2)
Patient Measure of SafetyFriends and Family TestCQUINPatient Safety Grade
1 (High)Ward 3Ward 10Ward 8Ward 3Ward 1
2Ward 6Ward 8Ward 1Ward 10Ward 3
3Ward 10Ward 1Ward 10Ward 9Ward 10
4Ward 1Ward 9Ward 3 Ward 1 and Ward 8 Ward 6
5Ward 2Ward 3Ward 9Ward 4
6Ward 9Ward 2Ward 4 and Ward 2Ward 6Ward 5
7Ward 8Ward 4Ward 4Ward 8
8Ward 4Ward 5Ward 5Ward 2Ward 2
9 (Low)Ward 5Ward 6Ward 6Ward 5Ward 9
  • Positively deviant wards (as identified by the routinely collected ST data) are shaded in colour. Comparison wards are represented in white. Higher ranks represent safer perceptions of patient care on all measures.

  • CQUIN, Commissioning for Quality and Innovation; ST, Safety Thermometer.