AuthorFrank162 Gandjour
et al 163
Grief164 Grima and Dixon165 Hagaman166 Hill167 Hill and Wyatt168 Iacobucci169 Kausman and Bruere170 Kolasa171
TitleA multidisciplinary approach to obesity management: the physician’s role and team care alternativesDevelopment process of an evidence-based guideline for the treatment of obesityStrategies to facilitate weight loss in patients who are obeseObesity—recommendations for management in general practice and beyondFP’s patients are successful ‘losers’Dealing with obesity as a chronic diseaseOutpatient management of obesity: a primary care perspectivePay GPs to tackle obesity, doctors urge UK governmentIf not dieting, now what?Summary of clinical guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity
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Weight and heightXXXXXXX
Waist circumferenceXXXXXX
System level/implementationX
Doctor–patient relationshipXXXXX
Public health roleX
Nutrition educationXXX
Physical activity educationXX
Behaviour modificationXXXX
Role modellingX
Group-based interventionsX
Bariatric surgery referralXXXXX
Bariatric surgery work-up
Bariatric surgery after care
Commercial weight loss programme referral
Bariatric equipment in consultation roomX
Standard care undefinedX
Exact role uncertainXX
Whole person careXXX