Table 4B

Adverse Events and Serious Adverse Events reported during ReTrain programme

Event typeTotal eventsAttributionNo of people reporting event
RelatedProbably relatedPossible relatedUnrelated
ReTrain (n=21)AE2*7012311
  • *Muscle soreness (n=0), fatigue (n=2), falls (n=10), trips (n=1) and other (n=9; including but not limited to: fainting; twisted or swollen ankle and suspected TIA (non-confirmed)).

  • †Urine retention (n=3), black-out/fainted (n=1), renal and heart failure (n=1) and TIA (n=1).

  • AE, adverse events; ReTrain, rehabilitation training, SAE, serious adverse events; TIA, Transient Ischaemic Attack.