Table 1

Study population and setting

Healing time studyWaiting time study
ParticipantsStudy group (n=100)Control group (n=1888)Study group (n=100)Patients at BWHC East (n=100)
AssessmentVideo consultationInperson assessmentVideo consultationInperson assessment
SettingPatients at BWHC WestPatients from RUTPatients at BWHC WestPatients at BWHC East
InclusionConsecutively includedAll patients registered in RUT during the study periodConsecutively includedConsecutively included
Inclusion criteriaAge >18; women and men; ulcers of any aetiology, severity, size and duration
Exclusion criteriaAge <18
Patients with dementia
Age <18*Age <18
Patients with dementia
Age <18*
Study period1 October 2014 to 30 September 2016
ConsentWritten consent mandatoryOral consent according to Swedish registriesWritten consent mandatoryOral consent according to Swedish registries
  • *Patients in the control group (the registry) were included regardless of dementia status, since dementia is not recorded in the registry.

  • BWHC, Blekinge Wound Healing Centre; RUT, Registry of Ulcer Treatment.