Table 1

Availability of selected data items from birth registration, birth notification and maternity HES

Data itemsData sources
Birth registrationBirth notificationMaternity HES
Baby’s NHS Number+++
Mother’s NHS Number++
Birth date of baby+++
Delivery time+
Birth weight+++
Gestational age (stillbirth)+++
Gestational age (live birth)++
Sex of baby+++
Number of babies born+++
Live or stillbirth+++
Parity (all births)+
Baby/mother’s postcode of usual residence+++
Ethnic category of baby+
Ethnic category of mother+
Country of birth of mother+
Country of birth of father+
Father’s socioeconomic status+
Type of delivery place+++
Mother’s date of birth+++
Marital status of mother+
Method of delivery+
Complications in pregnancy+
  • HES, Hospital Episode Statistics.