Table 2

Diagnostic assessments used by multidisciplinary diagnostic team for each domain assessed

Brain structure/neurologyComprehensive medical history, and psychosocial and clinical examination including health, well-being, substance use and at-risk behaviours, mood, vision, hearing, motor and sensation.
Motor skillsMovement Assessment Battery for Children second edition, age band 341
Beery Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration sixth edition, including subtests Visual Perception and Motor Coordination42
Quick Neurological Screening Test third edition43
Handwriting screen (informal)*
Motor speech diadochokinetic rate*
Observation of articulation*
CognitionWechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence second Edition31
Wechsler Non-Verbal Test of Intelligence32
LanguageClinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, fourth Edition, Australian44
Non-word repetition task (informal)
Self and/or caregiver report (informal)
Oral narrative (informal)*
Receptive and expressive language tasks (informal)*
Academic achievementComprehensive Test of Phonological Processing second Edition, Elision subtest45
Wide Range Achievement Test, Fourth Edition46– Reading Comprehension, Word Reading, Sentence Comprehension, Math Computation, Spelling
Written narrative (informal)*
MemoryWide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning second Edition, Screening Memory Index47
AttentionDelis-Kaplan Executive Function System48—Colour-Word Interference (Colour Naming and Word Reading), Trail Making (Visual Scanning, Number/Letter Switching+errors)
Wechsler Non-Verbal Test of Intelligence32 Spatial Span Forwards
Sensory Profile Adolescent/Adult Self-Questionnaire49*
Executive function (including impulse control and hyperactivity)Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System48-Colour-Word Interference (Inhibition, Inhibition/Switching+errors), Trail Making (Number Sequencing and Letter Sequencing) and Category fluency
Wechsler Non-Verbal Test of Intelligence32 Spatial Span Backwards subtest
WASI-II31 -Similarities and Matrix Reasoning subtests
Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning50
Adaptive Behaviour, Social Skills/CommunicationVineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales (Parent/Caregiver and Teacher versions), second Edition28
Social communication checklist (informal)*
  • *Supplementary information to the primary diagnostic measure/s.