Table 4

Test-retest repeatability* for selected key items in the LIFEWORK baseline questionnaire

VariableOverall1–4 months≥5 months
nPer cent agreementReliability (κw or ICC)nPer cent agreementReliability
w or ICC)
nPer cent agreementReliability (κw or ICC)
 Country of origin23710018310011541001
 Height (cm)†23761.60.978367.50.9915458.40.97
 Since when at current address (year)‡23678.60.988284.50.9915474.70.97
 Floor of bedroom‡23187.40.908187.70.7215087.30.92
 Bedroom window glazing‡23395.30.848198.80.9615293.40.75
Mobile phone use§
 Past 3 months: mobile phone use (duration, categorical)10757.90.733256.20.627558.70.76
 Mobile phone use in 2005 (duration, categorical)10759.80.693265.60.657557.30.70
 Mobile phone use in 2000 (duration, categorical)10757.00.703250.00.527560.00.75
 Laterality (held on left, right, equal)13878.30.693884.20.7610076.00.66
  • *Excluding men (n=1) and participants filling in the questionnaire within 1 month (n=27).

  • †Height for the EPIC-NL subcohort is based on baseline in EPIC-NL which was in 1993–1997.

  • ‡Excluding the participant who moved in the period between completing the LIFEWORK baseline questionnaire twice (n=1).

  • §Only calculated among participants who reported to use a mobile phone at baseline (percentage agreement=82.1, n=235).

  • EPIC-NL, European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition in the Netherlands; ICC, intraclass correlation coefficient.