Table 1

Dose escalation schedule for GaPP2

Day in studyTotal number of capsules/day
DosingMaximum daily dose of gabapentin (mg)
11One capsule night300
21One capsule night300
31One capsule night300
42One capsule two times a day600
52One capsule two times a day600
62One capsule two times a day600
73One capsule three times a day900
83One capsule three times a day900
93One capsule three times a day900
104One capsule two times+two capsules at night1200
114One capsule two times+two capsules at night1200
124One capsule two times+two capsules at night1200
135Two capsules two times+one capsule once1500
145Two capsules two times+one capsule once1500
155Two capsules two times+one capsule once1500
166Two capsules three times a day1800
176Two capsules three times a day1800
186Two capsules three times a day1800
197Two capsules two times+three capsules night2100
207Two capsules two times+three capsules night2100
217Two capsules two times+three capsules night2100
228Three capsules two times+two capsules once2400
238Three capsules two times+two capsules once2400
248Three capsules two times+two capsules once2400
259Three capsules three times a day2700
269Three capsules three times a day2700
279Three capsules three times a day2700
28–112Remain on maximum tolerated dose until the end of week 16 (not exceeding 2700 mg or nine capsules per day). Daily dose should be divided equally into three doses.
  • GaPP2, Gabapentin for Pelvic Pain 2.