Table 4

Palliative care provision by timing of latest chemotherapy

Time of latest chemotherapyPalliative care provision (n=2479)Subgroup receiving palliative care (n=1598)
Not receivedReceivedPost hocNo of palliative eventsTime between first contact with palliative care and death
No (%)No (%)Median (IQR)Post hocMedian (IQR)Post hoc
No chemotherapy463 (52.6)582 (36.4)<0.052 events (1–3)i5 weeks (2–14)i, ii
0–4 weeks47 (5.3)82 (5.1)ns1 event (1–2)i, ii2 weeks (1–6)i, iii
Over 4 weeks371 (42.1)934 (58.5)<0.052 events (1–3)ii8 weeks (2–22)ii, iii
Statistical test(2)=63.90, P<0.001)(K–W (2)=19.94, P<0.001)(K–W (2)=46.58, P<0.001)
  • χ2, (df shown in brackets). Post hoc, multiple comparison z-test statistics comparing mean ranks for each possible two category comparison group; i, ii, iii, iv, v links categories where post hoc comparison groups which resulted in a P value less than 0.05 (after adjusting using the Bonferroni correction).

  • K–W, Kruskal-Wallis  H test; ns, not significant.