Table 1

Summary of the FGD participants and their work experience

Community levelHealth centre or Upazila Health ComplexHospital
 Total participants878
 Job titles (number)Community healthcare worker (8)Physician (4)Senior staff nurse (1)
Medical officer (3)Associate professor (2)
ICU staff (1)
Anaesthesiologist (1)
Assistant registrar (1)
Intern medical officer (1)
 Work experience (mean, range)1.7 years (0.6–4)2.3 years (1–6)14.7 years (0.5–32)
 Total participants989
 Job titlesCommunity healthcare worker (8)Medical assistant (7)Clinical officer (3)
Vital signs assistant (1)Medical technician (1)Nurse midwife (3)
Medical assistant (3)
 Years of work experience (mean)10.6 years (5–20)8.3 years (3–23)8.1 years (4–13)
  • FGD, focus group discussion; ICU, intensive care unit.