Table 5

Palliative care provision by emergency hospital admissions within the last 4 weeks of life

Avoided emergency hospital admissions 0–4 weeks before deathPalliative care provision (n=2479)Subgroup receiving palliative care (n=1598)
Not receivedReceivedNo of palliative eventsTime between first contact with palliative care and death
No (%)No (%)Median (IQR)Median (IQR)
Yes704 (79.9)1222 (76.5)2 events (1–3)7 weeks (2–20)
No (one or more admission)177 (20.1)376 (23.5)2 events (1–3)4 weeks (1–12)
Statistical test(1)=3.87, P=0.049)(M–W=210 485, P=0.010)(M–W=185 814, P<0.001)
  • χ2, (df shown in brackets).

  • M–W, Mann-Whitney U test.