Table 3

Advantages of CS over VA for determining on-road driving score (0–3)*

CSVALR test between models
R2P value§R2P value§P value
Both eyes
  On-road driving score (0–3)0.00010.8950.000.9460.9935
Worst eye
  On-road driving score (0–3)0.00620.3320.00370.4540.824
Difference between the eyes
  On-road driving score (0–3)0.0590.4110.0570.5680.999
  • *Excellent=0, Good=1, Moderate=2, Poor=3.

  • †P values under 0.05 mean that CS improved the prediction of on-road driving scores compared with VA alone.

  • ‡Crude R2 were used instead of adjusted R2 given values were close to 0 and adjustment methods become inadequate. R2 corresponds to the test’s contribution in explaining on-road driving scores and ranges from 0 to 1.

  • §Significance of contribution of visual component.

  • CS, contrast sensitivity; LR, likelihood ratio; VA, visual acuity.