Table 1

Key questions of the Self-Management Programme for Dual Sensory Impaired Older Adults and nurses’ supportive questions

StepsActions older adultNurse support
Key questionsIdeal supportPitfalls
1. Problem identificationMentions problem
Decides to take action
You mentioned that you have a problem with…Would you like to do something about it? Name the problem using the older person own words. If the older adult does not want to take action, do not interfereAsk for an explanation, take on the problem, insistence
2. Collecting alternativesCollects a minimum of three alternatives: either by themselves, or by asking others for help What could you do about this?
Are there other options?
Stimulate older person to answer.
In cases where the older person does not come up with enough alternatives, provide information. Leave the choice to him/her
Impose solutions, make judgements, provide advice
3. Choice and planningSelect an alternative that the older adult will act on
Plan actions
How do you think you will manage this? If the older person has difficulties planning, then apply the key question two procedureTakeover the choice/planning; provide coercive advice
4. ExecutionExecutes actionLet the older person execute the actionExecute action for older person
5. ReflectionReflects on own action, mentions what went well What was the result?
What are you happy about: about what you could do on your own? What would you do differently the next time?
Ask what, when, how questionsAsk for an explanation