Table 1

Demographic characteristics (n=80)

Participant characteristicsBaseline % (n=80)Study end % (n=34)Loss to follow-up % (n=46)
Age (years)
 First Nations16.32015
 East Asian1.330
 Grade school/some high school33.73533
 High school graduate/General Education Diploma31.33231
 Some college or university26.32429
 College/university completed5.064
Monthly income (CAD$)
Food insecurity
 Most of the time11.2615
  • *Métis are a group of peoples in Canada who trace their descent to First Nations peoples and European settlers. They represent the majority of those identifying as Métis, although smaller communities also exist in the USA. They are recognised as one of Canada’s aboriginal or indigenous peoples under the Constitution Act of 1982, along with First Nations and Inuit peoples.

  • NA, missing or refuse to answer.