Table 5

Published data regarding prehospital blood transfusion by UK air ambulances

Thames Valley Air AmbulanceKent Surrey Sussex Air AmbulanceLondon’s Air AmbulanceGreat Western Air Ambulance
ReferenceRaitt et al 10 Lyon et al 5 Rehn et al 11 Hooper et al 12
RESCUER collaboratorNoNoNoYes
Publication typeFull textFull textAbstractAbstract
Date rangeJanuary 14–February 16February 13–December 14January 12–December 15August 15–July 16
Age, median (range)40 (13–89)42 (9–92)31Not reported
Male, %74.67879Not reported
Blunt injury, %849061Not reported
Median ISS3430Not reportedNot reported
ISS >15, %9590Not reportedNot reported
Units of PRBCsMedian, 2Mean, 2.4Median, 2 (IQR 1–3)Not recorded
  • *The same technique is used to calculate patients per year as described in figure 1.

  • ISS, injury severity score; PRBC, packed red blood cells; RESCUER, Regional Examination of Standard Care during Evacuation Resuscitation.