Table 4

Description of studies and marketing durations identified in published literature

Study authors,
year of publication
Sample size (number of products)SettingMedian duration of marketing
Onakpoya et al,14
462Postmarketing withdrawals from worldwide markets, 1953–201318 years (IQR: 6–34 years)
McNaughton et al,11
19Withdrawals from EU market for pharmacovigilance reasons, 2002–201123 years (IQR: 4–46 years)
Paludetto et al,15
22Withdrawals in France for safety reasons, 2005–201122 years (range: 7 months–51 years)
Clarke et al,2 reported in McNaughton et al,11
six of 11*Withdrawal from UK market, 1999–20015 years (IQR: 4–10.5 years)
Olivier and Montastruc,12
21Withdrawal from French market for safety reasons, 1998–200433.2 years
Fung et al, 33
121Withdrawal of prescription products from worldwide markets for safety reasons, 1960–19995.4 years; one-third withdrawn in first 2 years
Jeffreys et al,36
22 of 583 new active substances†Withdrawal from UK market for safety reasons, 1972–19944 years (range: <1 year–13 years)
  • *Duration of marketing prior to withdrawal was calculated for 6 of the 11 products identified in the study by Clarke et al.2 These were calculated and presented in the paper by McNaughton et al.11

  • †22 of the 583 new active substances identified by Jeffreys et al 36 were withdrawn from market due to safety reasons. Therefore, these products only were included in this analysis.