Table 3

Estimated ORs of the determinants of obesity derived from the generalised estimating equation model

OR95% CIP value
Eating speed
 Normal0.710.68 to 0.75<0.001
 Slow0.580.54 to 0.63<0.001
Eating dinner within 2 hours before sleeping ≥3 times per week
 No0.900.86 to 0.94<0.001
Snacking after dinner ≥3 times per week
 No0.850.80 to 0.90<0.001
Skipping breakfast ≥3 times per week
 No0.920.87 to 0.970.004
Alcohol consumption
 Every dayReference
 Occasionally1.181.12 to 1.25<0.001
 Rarely or never1.221.16 to 1.29<0.001
Inadequate sleep
 No0.940.90 to 0.980.007
Habitual smoker
 No1.101.05 to 1.15<0.001
Use of antidiabetic medication
 Yes1.020.98 to 1.070.293
 Age1.001.00 to 1.000.076
 Female0.660.63 to 0.69<0.001
Obesity status in the previous check-up
 Not obeseReference
 Obese164.79156.15 to 173.91<0.001