Table 4

Key findings and implications for how parents can support their child’s physical activity

Mothers primarily support child physical activity during the weekDevelop advice for mothers to help them facilitate their child’s physical activity during busy weekdays (eg, identifying times in the day for promoting activity and ideas for active games)
Engaging fathers to be involved in supporting child physical activity is importantEncourage fathers to see the important role they can play in supporting their child’s activity
Children, possibly more so boys, are more active if both parents share the role of supporting child physical activityDevelop family physical activity plans (eg, who can support when) to encourage both parents to take an active role in supporting their child’s physical activity
Parents can use physical activity time to bond over shared interests or engage in quality one-to-one time with childrenEncourage parents to value physical activity time as a way to share interests and bond with children (eg, promote physical activity as quality family time)
Some parents, possibly more so mothers, struggle for confidence when it comes to supporting child physical activityDevelop parental skills and confidence in supporting and facilitating child activity and encourage parents to model the behaviours that they wish their child to adopt