Table 4

Estimated coefficients of the determinants of changes in BMI derived from the fixed-effects model

Coefficient95% CIP value
Eating speed
 Normal−0.07−0.10 to 0.05<0.001
 Slow−0.11−0.15 to 0.06<0.001
Eating dinner within 2 hours before sleeping ≥3 times per week
 No−0.06−0.08 to 0.04<0.001
Snacking after dinner ≥3 times per week
 No−0.08−0.11 to 0.06<0.001
Skipping breakfast ≥3 times per week
 No0.00−0.03 to 0.040.829
Alcohol consumption
 Every dayReference
 Occasionally−0.10−0.13 to 0.06<0.001
 Rarely or never−0.18−0.22 to 0.13<0.001
Inadequate sleep
 No0.030.01 to 0.050.001
Habitual smoker
 No0.230.20 to 0.270.363
Use of antidiabetic medication
 Yes−0.12−0.14 to 0.100.069
 Age0.080.07 to 0.100.008
 BMI in the previous check-up0.090.07 to 0.10<0.001
  • BMI, body mass index.