Table 2

Comprehensiveness of reporting

COREQ item13 Study referenceNo of studies
Tong et al 12 Harwood and Johnson17 Murray et al 18 Lewis and Arber19 Lewis and Arber22 Cura20 Kim and Choi21
Domain 1: research team and reflexivity
 Interviewer/facilitator identifiedXXXX4
 Researcher credentialsXXX3
 Occupation of researcherX1
 Gender of researcherXXXX4
 Experience and trainingX1
 Prior/existing relationship with participants0
 Participant knowledge of interviewer0
 Interviewer characteristics, for example, bias, assumptions, interest in topicX1
Domain 2: study design
 Methodology and theoryXXXXXXX7
 Sampling strategyXXXXXXX7
 Method of approach/invitationXX2
 Sample sizeXXXXXXX7
 Setting of data collectionXXXXX5
 Presence of non-participantsXX2
 Description of sample, for example, demographicsXXXXXX6
 Interview guideX1
 Repeat interviewsX1
 Audio/visual recordingXXXXXXX7
 Field notesX1
 Data saturationXXXX4
 Transcripts returned0
Domain 3: analysis and findings
 No of data codersXXXX4
 Description of coding tree0
 Derivation of themes—in advance or derivedXXXXXXX7
 Participant checkingX1
 Quotations presentedXXXXXXX7
 Data and findings consistentXXX
But primarily quantitative analysis— qualitative themes under-reported
 Clarity of major themesXXXXX5
 Clarity of minor themesXX1
Total no of COREQ items2212916131815
  • COREQ, Consolidated Criteria for Reporting Qualitative Health Research.