Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics of a cohort of 3889 young women between the ages of 11 and 20 years in rural Agincourt, South Africa, by participation in the HPTN 068 trial

Total (n=3889)Trial participant* (n=1720)Non-participant (n=2169)P value
Age in 2011<0.0001
SES 0.003
 At or above median17785085352.792547.8
 Below median17785076647.3101252.3
Household size 0.5
Gender of household head 0.3
Household head educational attainment 0.02
 <Grade 12306286.3139887.8166485.1
 Grade 12 or higher48613.719412.229214.9
Country of origin 0.2
 South Africa231559.6104660.9126958.6
Childbearing before 2011<0.0001
Intervention arm
2011 school enrolment<0.0001
2015 school enrolment<0.0001
  • *Due to restrictions in the cohort construction to maintain comparable groups with respect to age and education status in 2009, not all of the 2533 HPTN 068 participants are represented.

  • †P values for categorical variables are from Χ2 tests and for continuous variables from t-tests.

  • ‡Measured in 2009.

  • HPTN, HIV Prevention Trial Network; SES, socioeconomic status.