Table 1

Descriptive analysis

Smoking prevalence* P value <0.000116.615.417.9
Smoking consumption* P value= 0.17801.1501.1301.170
Smoking consumption >0* P value= 0.00026.3606.3906.099
Visibility teacher smoking
 Most days8.89.38.3
 Half of the days7.36.87.8
 Less than half days14.414.014.9
Friends smoke78.179.876.5
Mother smokes32.131.333.0
Father smokes32.832.433.1
School type (public)69.870.169.6
School programme75.976.275.6
Age 1413.513.613.5
Age 1520.720.221.2
Age 1624.023.224.8
Age 1726.427.025.8
Age 1815.316.014.7
Working mother59.459.759.2
Working father76.477.675.1
Retired mother1.41.31.5
Retired father4.13.84.4
Bad relations mother2.42.12.8
Bad relations father5.34.36.3
  • Sampling weights have been taken into account with the ‘svyset and svy’ commands. All figures indicate percentages except for smoking consumption and income.

  • *A two-sample t-test with unequal variances for the null hypothesis of equal mean among genders.