Table 4

Longitudinal effects of multimorbidity on parental outcomes

B (SE)P valueB (SE)P value
Parental stress, PSS0.28 (1.60)0.86−1.50 (1.51)0.32
Parental anxiety, STAI0.14 (2.05)0.95−0.24 (2.15)0.91
Parental depression CES-D0.30 (1.12)0.800.62 (1.13)0.58
Family functioning, FAD1.21 (1.32)0.361.47 (1.28)0.25
  • Models adjusted for child age and sex, physical condition and baseline psychosocial outcome.

  • CES-D, Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale; FAD, McMaster Family Assessment Device; PSS, Parental Stress Scale; STAI, State Trait Anxiety Inventory.