Table 2

Multivariate analyses and the ORs for extensive white matter lesions (extWML) detected on MRI (n=1714)

VariableβOR95% CI lowerP value
Diastolic BP (per 1 mm Hg increase)0.01561.0161.006 to 1.0260.0018
Psychotropic drug use0.36601.4421.113 to 1.8680.0056
Antihypertensive drug use0.55451.7411.388 to 2.185<0.0001
Dependence in at least one IADL0.64271.9021.140 to 3.1710.0138
Forgetfulness0.24551.2781.017 to 1.6070.0354
Difficulties with simple arithmetic calculations0.39421.4831.108 to 1.9860.0081
  • The classification of extWML was based on upper quartile stratified by sex as; >6.03 cm3 for men and 4.91 cm3 for women. The regression model used a backward stepwise deletion procedure for covariates using a threshold for inclusion of P<0.05.

  • BP, blood pressure; IADL, instrumental activities of daily living.