Table 5

Data items included in the minimum dataset and completeness of data capture

Data itemCompleteness
Patient demographic
 Patient Medicare number97%
 Patient address100%
 Patient phone numbers70%
 Patient email3%
 Patient Date of Birth100%
 Patient surname and first name100%
 Operation date98%
 Device identifier99%
 Mesh dermal sheet82%
Patient history
 Category of operation96%
 Operation type/device operation type99%
 Previous radiotherapy90%
Elements of operation
 Incision site95%
 Concurrent mastopexy/reduction83%
 Concurrent flap cover82%
 Fat grafting76%
 If tissue expander, intraoperative fill volume completed88%
Intraoperative techniques
 Operations with intraoperative techniques94%
Revision details
 Revision type83%
 Reason for revision83%
 Removing a PIP implant86%
 Removal of implant inserted overseas79%
 Device rupture85%
 Silicone extravasation found in device rupture80%
 Device deflation57%
 Capsular contracture68%
 Device malposition63%
 Skin scarring problems59%
 Deep wound infection60%
 Breast cancer58%
 Anaplastic large cell lymphoma52%
  • PIP, Poly Implant Prothèse.