Table 2

The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision, Australian Modification (ICD-10-AM) codes as per the Australian Breast Device Registry data extract and transfer instructions

Breast Surgery ICD-10 AM codes
45524–00Augmentation mammoplasty, unilateral.
45528–00Augmentation mammoplasty, bilateral.
45527–00Augmentation mammoplasty, following mastectomy, unilateral.
45527–01Augmentation mammoplasty, following mastectomy, bilateral.
45539–00Reconstruction of breast with insertion of tissue expander.
45530–02Reconstruction of breast using flap.
45548–02Adjustment of breast tissue expander.
Relocation of breast tissue expander.
45548–01Removal of breast tissue expander.
45542–00Removal of breast tissue expander and insertion of permanent prosthesis.
45548–00Removal of breast prosthesis.
Includes capsulotomy.
Excision of fibrous capsule.
Excludes that with replacement (capsulectomy).
45552–00Replacement of breast prosthesis.
Includes: capsulotomy.
Excision of fibrous capsule.
Formation of new pocket.