Table 1

Characteristics of papers in which overdiagnosis was a dominant theme, with the results shown for the total number of articles, the four largest clinical fields, all other remaining clinical fields and studies not addressing a specific clinical field

Oncological disorders
Mental disorders
Infectious diseases
Cardiovascular disorders
Other clinical fields
No specific clinical field
Study aim
Article type
 Primary study58555385616927
 Narrative review2422329242252
 Systematic review9128110511
Diagnostic test
 Medical examination173582626304
 Prediction model3412341
Overdiagnosis context
 Overdiagnosis estimation53572263656016
 Disease definition158461314228
 Overdiagnosis communication3520.700.83
 Incidental findings0.80.800112
  • *Subcategories in this category include: overdiagnosis definition, drivers and consequences of overdiagnosis and trend studies suggesting overdiagnosis.