Table 3

Predictors of quality score for different factors including paper type, week, day, food category, health category, named journalist and article size

Factors predicting article quality scorenOR95% CI ORP value for comparison with refP value for likelihood ratio test
Paper title: reference category is400.95
The Daily Mail
  The Sun200.800.03 to 25.210.90
  The Daily Mirror230.600.07 to 4.840.63
  The Daily Express300.780.10 to 5.830.81
  The Daily Telegraph280.780.16 to 3.880.77
Day: reference category is Tuesday35<0.01
  Monday273.901.09 to 13.920.04
  Wednesday253.830.31 to 47.200.30
  Thursday2513.640.65 to 287.60.09
  Friday156.941.02 to 47.190.05
  Saturday140.210.09 to 0.53<0.01
Food: reference category is energy270.03
  Alcohol183.720.41 to 34.190.25
  Fruit and vegetables250.660.04 to 11.810.78
  High fat and processed foods210.390.02 to 8.490.55
  Protein and dairy foods214.660.36 to 60.270.24
  Sugary drinks and confectionery91.560.25 to 9.670.63
  Other (vitamins and ingredients)200.860.06 to 12.170.91
Health: reference category is obesity350.03
  Cancer824.303.17 to 186.2<0.01
  CVD3411.732.69 to 51.24<0.01
  Type 2 diabetes1712.311.55 to 98.040.02
  Neurological disorders227.180.85 to 60.840.07
  Life expectancy101.750.10 to 30.170.70
  Other (respiratory and reproductive)123.611.04 to 12.610.04
Named journalist: reference category is yes98<0.01
  No named journalist430.100.01 to 0.840.03
Article size: reference category is small820.52
  Medium-sized articles360.920.66 to 2.780.88
  Large-sized articles232.790.66 to 11.750.16
  • CVD, cardiovascular disease.