Table 5

Motives in favour of completion of AD (multiple answers possible)

Participant completed an AD because…Total
Outpatients of a university clinic
(n1 =567)
Outpatients of private practices
(n2 =169)
She/he does not want to suffer unnecessarily504 (68)385 (68)119 (70)
She/he does not want to be a burden to anyone402 (55)297 (52)105 (62)
Physicians are instructed to do everything possible to preserve one’s life250 (34)186 (33)64 (38)
She/he wants to make her/his own decisions231 (31)183 (32)48 (28)
She/he distrusts physicians to decide in her/his best interest178 (24)131 (23)47 (28)
She/he has had experiences with intense care for relatives164 (22)127 (22)37 (22)
She/he completed it in the course of receiving legal advice130 (18)95 (17)35 (21)
She/he distrusts her/his relatives to decide in her/his best interest88 (12)68 (12)20 (11)
  • *N on this variable differs from the total N due to missing values.

  • For all variables, the numbers of participants (percentages in brackets) are given.

  • AD, advance directive.