Table 2

Familiarity with and presence of advance directives (separate for living wills and for healthcare proxies), separately for outpatients from a university clinic and for outpatients from private practices

Outpatients from a university clinic
(N1 =2158)
Outpatients from private practices
(N2 =649)
Familiarity with living will (n1 =2146; n2 =638)1993 (93)601 (94)
Familiarity with healthcare proxy (n1 =2132; n2 =634)1374 (64)452 (71)
Presence of a living will (n1 =1990; n2 =597)600 (30)181 (30)
Presence of a healthcare proxy (n1 =1366; n2 =443)467 (34)150 (34)
  • Sample sizes (n1 n2 ) for particular variables differ from the total sample sizes (N1 N2 ) due to missing values. For all variables, the numbers of participants (percentages in brackets) are given