Table 2

RLSSA Database drowning cases compared with drowning cases with ICD-10 codes W65-74 as UCoD only by sex, age group, state or territory of drowning incident, category of aquatic location of drowning incident, activity immediately prior to drowning (n=1428)

RLSSA Database drowning casesICD-10 codes W65-74 as UCoD only% differenceχ2 comparing all drowning deaths to the subsample of W65-74 as UCoD only (P value)*
 Male109866939.10.12 (P=0.73)
Age group (years)
 0–1726819826.134.47 (P<0.001)
 18–5470940143.412.03 (P=0.001)
 55+45126740.81.29 (P=0.26)
Resident status of drowning victim
 Australian134380939.83.60 (P=0.06)
State or territory of drowning incident
 ACT8537.50.00 (P=0.98)
 NSW53231241.42.03 (P=0.15)
 NT432834.90.25 (P=0.62)
 QLD36020742.50.36 (P=0.55)
 SA724931.92.01 (P=0.16)
 TAS623838.70.01 (P=0.91)
 VIC18410344.02.00 (P=0.16)
 WA16712425.710.36 (P=0.001)
Category of aquatic location of drowning incident
 Bathtub/spa bath975642.30.33 (P=0.57)
 Beach21417319.240.01 (P<0.001)
 Lake/dam/lagoon1227141.80.29 (P=0.59)
 Ocean/harbour2289160.146.64 (P<0.001)
 River/creek/stream40620649.328.66 (P<0.001)
 Rocks776713.025.48 (P<0.001)
 Swimming pool22216127.519.91 (P<0.001)
 Other/unknown624133.90.77 (P=0.38)
Activity prior to drowning
 Bathing985642.90.50 (P=0.48)
 Diving695717.416.26 (P<0.001)
 Falls29222722.356.43 (P<0.001)
 Non-aquatic transport1151587.0128.61 (P<0.001)
 Rock fishing564912.518.58 (P<0.001)
 Swimming and recreating30424918.175.61 (P<0.001)
 Watercraft2166370.8109.09 (P<0.001)
 Other1338833.81.09 (P=0.30)
 Unknown1456257.226.37 (P<0.001)
  • Those cases with unknown ICD coding are included in the RLSSA column only.

  • *Calculated based on the ICD-10 codes W65-74 as UCoD only yes/no variable.

  • ICD, International Classification of Diseases; RLSSA, Royal Life Saving Society - Australia; UCoD, underlying cause of death.