Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics and traditional tobacco use among all participants and by user group

All participants
ENDS users (n=27)Dual users
Cigarette smokers (n=27)P value
Age, median41.533.0†
Gender, %0.3592
Marital status, %0.1261
 Married/member of unmarried couple42.744.428.655.6
 Never married/divorced/separated/widowed57.355.671.444.4
Education level, %0.2567
 At least some college50.063.042.944.4
 High school diploma, GED or less50.
Employment status*, %0.6162
 Employed for wages/self-employed53.755.646.459.3
BMI (kg/m2) category, %0.1333
 Normal weight24.730.832.111.1
 Overweight or obese75.369.267.988.9
Traditional/sacred tobacco use in past 3 months, %0.0366
  • *Asked only to those who were employed for wages or self-employed.

  • †ENDS users significantly different from cigarette smokers at P<0.05.

  • BMI, body mass index; ENDS, electronic nicotine delivery system; GED, general education diploma.