Table 6

Determinants of hospitalisation for the older population in NSS 1995–1996 and NSS 2014, India

Background characteristicsWhether hospitalised
β1995–1996Exp (β 1995–1996)95% CI for Exp (β1995–1996)β2014Exp (β2014)95% CI for Exp (β2014)β2014–β1995–1996P value for Wald test (β2014–β1995–1996)
Predisposing variables
Age (years) (ref.=60–69)
 70 years or more−0.0280.97(0.83 to 1.14)0.1241.13(0.99 to 1.29)0.1520.147
Sex (ref.=male)
 Female−0.3520.70(0.60 to 0.83)−0.0500.95(0.83 to 1.10)0.3020.006
Marital status (ref.=currently married)
 Single−0.4160.66(0.57 to 0.77)−0.1300.88(0.76 to 1.02)0.2860.009
Caste (ref.=non-SC/STs)
 SC/STs0.0171.02(0.84 to 1.23)−0.2110.81(0.70 to 0.94)−0.2290.060
Literacy status (ref.=literate)
 Illiterate−0.2780.76(0.63 to 0.91)−0.2240.80(0.70 to 0.92)0.0550.645
Enabling variables
Place of residence (ref.=urban)
 Rural−0.1120.89(0.76 to 1.04)−0.0320.97(0.85 to 1.11)0.0800.446
States (ref.= more developed)
 Less developed−1.0700.34(0.29 to 0.40)−0.6190.54(0.47 to 0.61)0.451<0.001
Economic dependence (ref.= independent)
 Economically dependent0.2811.32(1.08 to 1.62)0.0041.00(0.85 to 1.18)−0.2770.035
Economic status (ref.=non-poor)
 Poor−0.8950.41(0.35 to 0.48)−0.4620.63(0.55 to 0.72)0.432<0.001
Living arrangement (ref.=living with family)
 Living alone0.1971.22(0.85 to 1.74)0.7572.13(1.44 to 3.16)0.5600.039
Need variables
Physical mobility status (ref.= mobile)
 Immobile0.4001.49(1.21 to 1.84)0.6171.85(1.51 to 2.27)0.2170.149
Current self-rated health (ref.=good SRH)
 Poor SRH0.8842.42(1.91 to 3.07)0.7362.09(1.78 to 2.44)−0.1490.306
SRH compared with last year (ref.=better or nearly the same)
 Worse SRH0.4751.61(1.31 to 1.98)0.5151.67(1.44 to 1.94)0.0390.763
 Constant−2.4660.08(0.07 to 0.10)−2.2380.11(0.09 to 0.12)0.2280.037
 F-adjusted test statistic1.610.81
 P value0.1060.611
 N32 78027 234
  • NSS, National Sample Survey; SC/STs, Scheduled castes/scheduled tribes.