Table 1

Data extraction for the scoping review research questions

  • Author(s)

  • Title

  • Citation

  • Type of publication: original, review or grey

  • Location: country and region

Characteristics of integrated/collaborative care model
  • Population characteristics (age, sex, demographics, culture and racial or ethnicity-specific factors)

  • Settings: inpatient, outpatient, community- based or primary care

  • Inclusion/exclusion sampling criteria

  • Model of care

  • Characteristics of the intervention (any adaptations)

  • Titles of service providers and description of roles

  • Infrastructure (proximity, medical records, communication, philosophy and values)

  • Components of integrated/collaborative care: team-based characteristics

Measurement, evaluation and outcomes
  • Aim of the study

  • Study methodology: quantitative and/or qualitative including (phenomenological, ethnographical or grounded theory-based studies)

  • Interview strategies

  • Outcome measure or major findings