Table 4

Parent ranking of individual outcomes compared with frequency of measurement in Cochrane systematic reviews

Outcomes reported in Cochrane systematic reviews (n=35)Frequency of reportingParent ranking of importance of outcomes (n=110)Mean score±SD (/100)
75th–99th percentile
 Adverse events (local and systemic)26Severe complications94.5±14.5
 Admission rate (hospital, ED, ICU)19Major side effect86.7±18.9
 Physical signs18Doctor’s assessment83.9±19.6
 Clinical measures17Relapse81.8±18.4
 Clinical scores/symptom scores15Oxygen supplementation81.6±21.6
 Length of stay/time to discharge (hospital, ED, ICU)15Results from lab measures81.4±19.4
 Need for medication13
25th–74.9th percentile
 Severity of symptoms12Length of hospital stay78.6±22.1
 Duration of symptoms10Trip to emergency department77.6±23.9
 Complications9Time to recovery77.4±17.8
 Rates of relapse8Hospital admission76.9±23.7
 Clinical treatment failure7Return healthcare visit76.9±24.0
 Patient improvement6Not eating/drinking well65.9±22.8
 Time to resolution of illness/time to recovery6Lack of sleep63.2±20.0
 Duration of oxygen supplementation5Length of stay in emergency department62.4±26.1
 Mortality5Minor side effect55.1±24.8
 Laboratory measures4Prescription for medication55.1±25.6
 Readmission4Appointment with GP/paediatrician48.4±27.8
Arranging child care48.3±30.1
<25th percentile
 Clinical cure3Taking time off work47.2±28.4
 Compliance and tolerance3Mild complications46.3±23.3
 Quality of life/patients’ well-being3Interference with daily activities44.6±23.5
 Return healthcare visits3Treatment costs44.0±32.5
 Return to school/work2School/daycare absenteeism40.4±26.5
 GP visits2Scheduled follow-up visits38.1±24.8
 Treatment cost2Other costs31.3±31.3
 Adverse events that necessitated discontinuation of treatment1
 Sleep disturbance1
 Parental perception of child’s status1
 Observed response to treatment1
  • ED, emergency department; GP, general practitioner; ICU, intensive care unit.