Table 1

Disaggregated costs of electronic discharge communication tool from project estimate ($C  2016)

Estimated cost ($C)
DevelopmentProject charter and scope3000
Focus groups (including 12 sessions and reports)18 000
Data and security model6250
Initial prototype (including interface workflow, user management and systems interface)31 250
Joint application (including working session and development)15 000
Beta testing10 000
Application fine tuning6250
ImplementationTransfer to test environment (including application installation, interface configuration, workflows and configuration)6250
Performance testing and modifications (including interface, workflow, load testing and security)12 500
Training and helpTraining3000
Documentation and online help (including administration manuals, end user guide and patient guide)5000
MaintenanceOngoing modifications and support5000
TaxGoods and services tax (5%)6075
Total cost127 575
Average cost per patient13.33