Table 3

Test performance characteristics

First author’s name and year of publicationSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)TPFPFNTNAUCApplication’s nameTarget disease
Arora et al 21 2014100.0100.0100010Not reportedNot reportedParkinson’s disease
Arora et al 11 2015100.0100.0100010Not reportedNot reportedParkinson’s disease
Chadwick et al 12 20140.0100.000510Not reportedSkin ScanMelanoma
Chadwick et al 12 20140.0100.00045Not reportedMel AppMelanoma
Chadwick et al 12 201480.020.04812Not reportedMole DetectiveMelanoma
Chadwick et al 12 201480.060.04416Not reportedSpotMole PlusMelanoma
Chadwick et al 12 201480.060.04416Not reportedDr Mole PremiumMelanoma
Kostikis et al 13 201582.690.01924180.94Not reportedParkinson’s disease
Lagido et al 14 201475.097.161234Not reportedNot reportedAtrial fibrillation
Maier et al 15 201473.183.11920798Not reportedNot reportedMelanoma
Ramlakhan et al 16 201191.348.64219418Not reportedNot reportedMelanoma
Takuya et al 20 201572.784.6823110.75Not reportedFalling in patients with chronic stroke
Wadhawan et al 17 201181.186.230127750.91Skin scanMelanoma
Wadhawan et al 18 201187.371.3966814169Not reported7-point checklistMelanoma
Wolf et al 19 201370.039.342741848Not reportedNot reportedMelanoma
Wolf et al 19 201368.336.841791946Not reportedNot reportedMelanoma
Wolf et al 19 20136.793.64756103Not reportedNot reportedMelanoma
  • AUC, area under the curve; FN, False Negative; FP, False Positive; TN, True Negative; TP, True Positive.