Table 2

Number of events and rates of stroke, fatal thromboembolic events and major bleeding at 5 years following incident atrial fibrillation (AF)

CharacteristicsPatientsIschaemic strokeFatal thromboembolic eventsMajor bleeding
nEvents, nRateEvents, nRateEvents, nRate
Entire unmatched AF comparison cohort252 23815 7102.0380391.0026 7113.53
   Matched comparison cohort26691141.30470.522252.62
 Severe depression
   Severe depression400282.74111.03414.06
   Matched comparison cohort20001131.93500.821883.24
 Bipolar disease
   Bipolar disease569281.90201.41392.90
   Matched comparison cohort28451642.04740.832743.27
  • Rates are calculated as the number of events divided by person-time per 100 years.