Table 1

Input parameters: probabilities and costs (¥)

Diagnosis and treatment model12
ResourceFrequency of consumptionUnitary costTotal costs
EuglycaemiaLifestyle interventionInsulinEuglycaemia (week 28)Lifestyle interventions (week 28–40)Insulin
(weeks 28–40; insulin costs from week 30)
Oral glucose tolerance testOnceOnce a weekOnce a week35.4335.43425.16425.16
Venous blood collectionOnceOnce a weekOnce a week2.42.428.828.8
Obstetric and gynaecologist outpatient registration feeOnceOnce a weekOnce a week1.911.9122.9222.92
Examination feeOnceOnce the first week+three times a weekOnce the first week+three times a week8.438.43286.62286.62
First consultation feeOnceOnce232323
Nutrition outpatient registration feeTwice a weekTwice a week1.9145.8445.84
Glucometer and self-testing kitYesYesMonitor=190, strips=5 each730730
Laboratory fees (urine, glycosylated albumin)Once a weekOnce a week70.79849.48849.48
Fetal heart and B ultrasoundOnce a weekOnce a week58.86706.32706.32
Routine blood testOnce a week20.75207.5
Insulin shotThree times a day306300
Endocrinology outpatient registration feeOnce a week1.9119.1
Doppler ultrasoundTwice115.5231