Table 2

Description of overarching themes

Multiple transitionsThis theme identifies across the data the different types of transitions that participants experienced at different points during the study. These data are cross-sectional in that some transitions were anticipated and described at the outset, and longitudinal in that some types of transition emerged over the time period of the study.
Supporting successful transitionsThis theme focuses on the facilitators and inhibitors to transitional support as perceived by participants. The longitudinal data allowed us to track how facilitators and inhibitors ultimately impacted on participants’ overall trainee–trained doctor transition experiences.
Multiple and multidimensional transitions interacting and impactingThis theme recorded the different types of impact that multiple transitions had on participants (at home and at work) and their significant others, and how the differing transitions interacted with each other. The longitudinal data allowed us to track emerging impacts as well as cross-sectionally identify previously recognised impact.