Table 5

Influencing factor of humour teaching application

VariablesPhysicians (n=165)
(% Yes)
How often do you use humour in medical teaching? (Single-choice)
 A. Always (100%)2
 B. Usually (80%)8
 C. Often (60%)13
 D. Sometimes (40%)51
 E. Seldom (20%)16
 F. Rarely (10%)9
 G. Never (0%)1
What is the motivation to use humour? (Multiple-choice)
 A. To foster a relaxed classroom atmosphere63
 B. To obtain self-satisfaction as an instructor38
 C. To foster joviality brought on by student’s laughter35
 D. To get positive feedback during instructor evaluation6
 Which difficulty do you face when using humour in teaching? (Multiple-choice)
 A. Lack of appropriate humour related to course material42
 B. Humour doesn’t reach the expected effect32
 C. Depression or frustration when humour falls flat26
 D. Time-consuming14
Which of the following options can help to use humour during teaching? (Multiple-choice)
 A. Collecting humorous materials during daily work and life70
 B. Making full use of network resources29
 C. Classroom observation of teachers with a reputation of successfully using humour24
 D. Preparing the teaching content in advance21
 E. Reading books and articles about humour11
 F. Professional training provided by medical college4