Table 2

Assessing Methdological Quality of Systematic Reviews (AMSTAR), tool for the assessment of multiple systematic reviews

ReviewAMSTAR score*Quality rating
Bourke et al 28 3Low
Buffart et al 11 6Moderate
Cramer et al 23 9High
Culos-Reed et al 14 3Low
Duijts et al 9 4Moderate
Ferrer et al 19 8High
Fong et al 10 8High
Fors et al 24 5Moderate
Galvão and Newton13 2Low
Gerritsen and Vincent20 6Moderate
Huang et al 27 8High
Khan et al 8 10High
McAlpine et al 15 5Moderate
Mewes et al 18 5Moderate
Mishra et al 12 10High
Osborn et al 17 7Moderate
Smits et al 21 8High
Spark et al 25 6Moderate
Spence et al 16 5Moderate
Zachariae and O’Toole22 5Moderate
Zeng et al 26 6Moderate
  • *The maximum score on AMSTAR is 11 and scores of 0–3 indicate that the review is of low quality, 4–7 of moderate quality and of 8–11 as high quality.