Table 1

Application of the PICO search strategy

PopulationParticipants living beyond cancer, who have completed active treatment with curative intent, aged 18 or more who received their cancer diagnosis in adulthood
InterventionNon-pharmacological interventions: psychological, social and physical activity, excluding complementary and alternative therapies or medicines, including yoga interventions with meditation, activity or mindfulness
OutcomesQuality of life
SettingAny healthcare setting: hospital (inpatient or outpatient), community or remote (eg, using e-technology)
Study designSystematic reviews that had explicitly searched for randomised controlled trials (RCTs); to be classified as a systematic review if the following criteria were met:
  • clear inclusion criteria

  • a systematic search strategy

  • a screening procedure to identity relevant studies

  • systematic data extraction and analysis procedures for RCTs

  • PICO,┬áPopulation, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome.