Table 1

Summary of amendments to the existing International Consortium for Health Outcome Measures (ICHOM) dataset and new fields introduced into the TrueNTH Global Registry project

Amendments to the existing ICHOM data fieldsPatient-reported quality of life to only be collected as a mandatory (Tier 1) field at baseline and 12 months post diagnosis/treatment. Other time points will be non-mandatory (Tier 2)
Comorbidities will only be Tier 2 at baseline
Stop date for focal therapy will be removed as this is a day procedure
Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) will be split into chemical and surgical groups
New mandatory (Tier 1) fields introducedClinical metastases stage
Surgical approach (open, robot-assisted, laparoscopic, conversion)
ADT chemical agents
Date of orchidectomy
Whole gland ablation and date of initiation
New non-mandatory (Tier 2) fields introducedMethod of diagnosis
Use of radiological tests (MRI, bone scans, CT and PET scans) to target biopsies and/or assist in staging at baseline and prior to primary treatment initiation (if different to baseline).
MRI, bone scans, CT and PET scan dates
Details of the most recent biopsy prior to primary treatment initiation
Details of the clinical stage (tumour, node, metastases) prior to primary treatment initiation
PSA levels prior to initiation of treatment
New definitions introducedDiagnostic PSA defined as occurring within 180 days prior to prostate cancer biopsy or transurethral resection of the prostate procedure
  • PSA, Prostate specific antigen.