Table 2

Characteristics of participants who are currently experiencing homelessness

People experiencing homelessnessn=28
How long have you been homeless?
 Less than 1 year4
 1–4 years9
 5–10 years6
 10–15 years
 15 years +5
 Not reported4
Have you ever slept rough?
 Not reported3
How would you describe your health overall?
 Very good1
 Not reported3
Do you use drugs?
 Not reported5
Do you use methadone/subutex (buprenorphine)?
 Not reported5
Do you drink alcohol?
 Not reported5
Have you been to A&E* in the last year?
 Not reported8
Where do you usually sleep?
 Supported accommodation2
 Friend’s house1
 Not reported1
  • *The accident and emergency department of a hospital.