Table 2

Categories identified

CategoryExample quote
Wound comfort I’ve now got really itchy where the plaster goes. Which is uncomfortable.’ (Patient, adhesive dressing)
Exudate and its impact If I walked around it would get really damp. I mean it would soak my pyjamas and drip down my legs. It was quite manky really…Then they would put a sort of big, well, like a big plaster on top of that, and then they put a kind of absorbent pad over that, to absorb some of that liquid.’ (Patient, adhesive dressing)
Reactions to the dressing I was allergic to the surgical tape.’
(Patient, adhesive dressing)
Dressing removal I just completely soaked it [adhesive dressing] in the shower then my husband just took it off for me. But it was, it was really easy. Much easier than I thought. (Patient, adhesive dressing)
Wound protection I’d be worried about catching it [the wound], knocking it, or something getting in so that it became infected.’ (Patient, adhesive dressing)
Impact on daily activities With the glue [dressing] it’s easy to shower. With a [adhesive] dressing it wouldn’t be so easy to shower and you’d be worried.’ (Patient, tissue adhesive dressing)
Ease of movementWhat I do find is the dressings are a bit constricting, especially as I get a bit better because they don’t turn with your body so easily and then I feel that it makes me feel more constricted.’ (Patient, tissue adhesive dressing)
Anxiety about the wound You could catch things just from the air. That made me think, ‘Well, you’d need something to kind of protect it.’ (Patient, adhesive dressing)
Satisfaction with dressing Glue [as a dressing] requires no maintenance. I was very pleased. You don’t have to change it you just leave it alone … I think that helps with the healing process physically and mentally.’ (Patient, tissue adhesive dressing)
Wound appearance If it was red and inflamed I would have thought, ‘Something has gone wrong with it.’' (Patient, adhesive dressing)