Table 1

Patient characteristics as modelled

Patient characteristics
Age (mean±SD) (years)74±12
Gender (female, %)240 (48.9)
Systolic blood pressure (mean±SD) (mm Hg)
TIA mimic143±26
 Minor stroke144±18
 Overall mean145±24
Final diagnosis (Actual condition)
 High-risk TIA116 (23.6%)
 Low risk TIA46 (9.4%)
 TIA mimic294 (60.0%)
 Minor stroke34 (7.0%)
Patients referral to hospital via their GP according to diagnosis*
 High-risk TIA84 (72.3%)
 Low-risk TIA/TIA mimic299 (87.9%)
 Minor stroke20 (57.4%)
 Overall mean402 (82.1%)
  • *Expected numbers are rounded to the nearest integer, the apparent anomaly with the addition results from this rounding. High-risk patients defined as an ABCD2 score of >4.

  • GP, general practitioner; TIA, transient ischaemic attack.